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New Kubota Tractors

We are your New Kubota Equipment dealer in south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma.

Care for your land at a price
that will care for your wallet.

If you’re looking for a performance solution that fits your lifestyle, this is the machine for you. Providing the strength and versatility of a compact utility tractor, the agile handling of 4WD and the feel of a garden tractor, you can count on Kubota sub-compacts for incomparable reliability. This is the must-have tractor for property owners.

New Kubota
Sub Compact Tractors

BX Series
16.6HP - 24.8HP
BX1880 • BX2380 • BX2680 • BX23S

New Kubota
Compact Tractor

B01 Series, LX Series, L Series, Grand L60 Series, & L60LE Series
20.9HP - 63.4HP
B2301HSD • B2401 • B2601HSD • B2401 Narrow • LX2610HSD • LX2610SUHSD • LX3310HSDC • LX2610HSDC • LX3310HSD • L2501 • L3302 • L3902 • L4701 • L3560 • L4060 • L4760 • L5060 • L5460 • L6060

New Kubota
Economy Utility Tractors

MX Series Series
55.5HP - 63.4HP
MX5400 • MX6000

New Kubota
Utility Tractors

M60 Series, M4 Series, M5 Series, M6S Series, M6 Series
57.9HP - 133HP
M5660SUH • M5660SUHD • M6060 • M7060
M4D-061HDC12 • M4-071HDC12 • M4D-071HDC12 • M5-091 • M5-111

New Kubota
Specialty Tractor

M Narrow Series, M Low Profile Series, M6H Series
62HP - 108HP
M4N-071 • M5N-091 • M5N-111 4WD Narrow • M5L-111 • M6L-111 Low Profile • M6H-111 High Clearance Series • M6S-111

New Kubota
Agriculture Tractors

M7 Series, M8 Series
128HP - 200HP
M7-132 • M7-152 • M7-172 • M8-181 • M8-201

New Kubota
Tractor Loader Backhoe

TLB Series
24.3HP - 63HP

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