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We are your New Fendt Momentum Planter dealer in south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma.

Achieve More with the All-New Fendt Momentum Planter

Tire inflation, planter weight management and controlled traffic strategies provided by the new Fendt® Momentum™ planter can lessen soil compaction at planting for optimum yields and provide higher return on investment for producers.

Efficiency, Accuracy and Ease of Operation

SmartFrame innovations set the Fendt Momentum Planter apart from the competition. Most notable is its vertical contouring toolbar, configuration and smart, automated capability. This new planter is made up of three independent, intelligent sections that operate automatically, ensuring the row units on each section maintain consistent seeding depth.
• High capacity commodity system to optimize productivity
• Wide flotation, in-line tandem tires reduce overall compaction and eliminate pinch row compaction caused by the planter
• Wing wheels positioned on the outside of the planter minimize the total compacted acres across an entire field by keeping all traffic localized to the same tire track on every pass
• Optional Load Logic system which includes a hydraulic weight transfer system and automatic tire inflation system to further enhance compaction management

Manage Risk with Gold Star Customer Care

Our Gold Star Customer Care program helps you manage your variable expenses and your risk. At Fendt, we’re committed to ensuring your productivity, profitability and overall experience are the best they can be.
• 3-year full machine warranty*
• Annual planter inspection
• Uptime assurance
• $0 deductible
*Or 6,500 acres on 40′ models; 10,000 acres on 60′ models

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