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Parts Drops & Locations


Parts Drop Box Locations in KS and OK & Parts Trailer in Billings, OK

Parts Drop Box

We provide parts drop off locations in Ks and OK and a parts trailer in Billings, OK to better serve our customers. We hope this helps you get back to work faster and we encourage you to take advantage of this service.

Place your order at any location for parts delivery

Call by 5:00 pm for drop off on the next day. Monday Drops, call by 8am Monday Morning to get same day drop.  Drops will be made during busy harvest months or if there is a reasonable demand. Drop times and schedule are subject to change.


Argonia, KS - 10:00 am

611 S. Main St.

Harper, KS - 10:30 am

Blanchat Mfg, 10 NW 92nd Rd

Caldwell, KS - 10:30 am

Caldwell Coop, 109 N Arapahoe St

Medford, OK - 11:00 am

Kelly's Auto Parts - 324 N 1st St.

Kingman, KS - 11:00 am

C5 Mfg, 1005 US Hwy 54

Kremlin, OK - 11:30 am

Midway Station - 14413 US 81

Arlington, KS - 11:30 am

Cario Coop, Skyland Grain
215 W Main

Sterling, KS - 12:00 pm

Jeremy's Paint & Body
2419 KS-14

Fairmont, OK - 12:00 pm

Fairmont Elevator - 910 Johnson St

Billings, OK - 12:30 pm

S&S Parts Trailer - 115 W Main

Red Rock, OK - 1:00 pm

Diamond K Seeds
4800 County Rd 110

Blackwell, OK - 1:30 pm

Cordell Diesel - 1316 W Doolin

Newkirk, OK - 2:00 pm

Two Rivers Coop - 116 E 6th St

Order your parts by calling one of our locations, shop our Online Parts Books or go to  AGCO Parts Books Online


We have a parts trailer in Billings, OK stocked with some of the most common parts needed. Call ahead to see if we have what you are needing at the trailer. If not, we can have it delivered to the trailer.


Call us to schedule a drop or fill out the form below.

You must have a charge account or pay with credit card, at time of order, to have your parts left in the drop box. Parts not picked up within 7 days will be brought back to dealership.

70# limit. A small drop charge will be added to each delivery depending on  drop location. (non-refundable)