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New Massey Ferguson Tractors

We are your New Massey Ferguson Tractor dealer in south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma.

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Dependable. Versatile. Practical.

It’s your land, your little plot of heaven. You worked hard for it, and you fully expect to work hard on it. Now, all you need is the right tractor. The Massey Ferguson has the right tractor for you. Economical and versatile, it’s the perfect partner for virtually any farm, chore or project.

Massey Ferguson Sub-Compact Tractors

New Massey Ferguson
Sub-Compact Tractors

GC1700 Series - 22HP-25HP
GC1723E • GC1723EB • GC1725M • GC1725MB

Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors

New Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors

MF 1500 Series - 24HP-25HP
MF 1800E Series - 24HP-39HP
MF1800M Series - 36HP-39HP

Massey Ferguson Utility Tractors

New Massey Ferguson Utility Tractors

2600H Series - 45HP-74HP
2800E Series - 49HP-52HP
2800M Series - 49HP-60HP
4700 Global Series - 70HP-100HP

New Massey Ferguson Global Series Mid-Range Tractors

5700D Series - 100HP-110HP
5700 Series - 100HP-110HP
6700 Series - 120HP-130HP
5S Series - 115HP-145HP
6S Series - 145HP-180HP

New Massey Ferguson High Horse Power Tractors

8700S Series - 270HP-400HP
8S Series - 205HP-305HP
7S Series - 175HP-220HP

The Massey Ferguson right for you