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New Sunflower Tillage Tools

We are your New Sunflower Tillage dealer in south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma.


Control the Growing environment
like never before

Sunflower has been in the tillage business for a while, and that experience means they make tools that work precisely, effectively and consistently with ease. 

Today, we offer the broadest line of tools for virtually every growing condition because every farm and every farm’s needs are unique.  Tillage matters to your success. And your success matters to us.

New Sunflower
Primary Tillage

4213 Rigid-Frame Coulter Chisels
4233 Flexible-Frame Coulter Chisels
4412 Disc Ripper Disc
4511 & 4530 Disc Chisel Disc
4610 & 4630 Disc Rippers
4710 & 4730 In-Line Coulter Rippers

Sunflower Field Cultivators

New Sunflower
Field Cultivators

5035 Three-Section Field Cultivator
5135 Three-Section Field Cultivtor
5056 Five-Section Field Cultivtorss

Sunflower Vertical Tillage

New Sunflower
Vertical Till

6610 Vertical Tillage
6631 Three-Section Verticle Tillage
6650 Five-Section Vertical Tillage

Sunflower Disc Harrow

New Sunflower
Disc Harrows

1212 Tandem DH
1234 Three-Section Tandem DH
1321 Flexible Offset DH
1436 Three-Section Flexible DH
1444 Four-Section DH
1544 Four-Section DH
1550 Five-Section Flexible DH
1710 & 1730 Series Offset DH
1710HD Heavy-Duty Offset DH
1810 & 1830 Tandem DH

Sunflower Land Finishers

New Sunflower
Land Finishers

6221 Land Finishers
6333 Land Finishers
6433 Land Finishers
6830 Rotary Finishers
6830NT Rotary Finishers

Sunflower Chisel Plows

New Sunflower
Chisel Plows

2510 Chisel Plows
2530 Chisel Plows

Sunflower Fallow Tillage

New Sunflower
Fallow Tillage

3000 Fallow-King
3300 Blade Plows
360 Blade Plows

Sunflower Strip Till Tools

New Sunflower
Strip Till Tools

7610 & 7630 Strip Till Tools

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